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What Do I Look for in a Roofing Contractor?

A. Price is always a factor as well it should be, but quality is equally important. The easiest way to assure you're hiring a reputable roofing contractor is to contact the BBB, a file is kept on all known contractors within the service area whether they are members of the BBB or not and grade systems are given on all contractors from A+ to F. If your contractor of choice meets the BBB standards then ask them for proof of a contractor's license to assure all their legal requirements are up to date.
B. Ethics! If a major part of the contractors presentation is slandering their competitors then chances are they are hiding something themselves. It's also best to avoid contractors that promote gimmicks such as "price match or beat guarantees", these tactics often end with the quality of your project being compromised. Any legitimate professional should have no problem with giving you a written proposal upon first meeting. Please be sure to read our page on ethics to learn more. If your salesman gives you a vibe that seems shady, it probably is.
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What if the BBB has no File on a Contractor of Interest?

Run! If the BBB has no file on them, that means that the contractor is brand new or changing their name and phone number as often as required to avoid a bad reputation they have already built.

What Kind of Labor Warranty Should I Expect?

Many contractors offer elaborate labor warranties in an effort to gain your confidence, even as high as 15 years. Please remember that a labor warranty covers nothing more than installation and an improper install is discovered within the first year or less. Choosing a reputable contractor makes this part of the process far less concerning, but a good question to ask yourself is "Will this guy still be in business until my warranty expires and will he actually honor it".
The best way to determine the quality of work you'll receive is to look at the contractor's labor warranty on their estimate and ask them if they are willing to upgrade it to a "NO LEAK" warranty, if they answer no then you'll have a better idea of what you might expect.

What Are Some Questions to Ask?

  • How long will the job take? Correct answer should be 1-2 days
  • How much money do I need to put as a down payment? Correct answer should be little to nothing down
  • Who is liable if an injury occurs? Correct answer is the contractor or at least, under any circumstances, NOT the homeowner
  • Who disposes of debris from the project? Correct answer is the contractor
  • Who draws the appropriate city work permit if needed? Correct answer is the contractor
  • There are no bad questions to ask! If you have concerns or issues, don't hesitate to ask

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