Toledo Roofing Company
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Financing Options:

Within this section, you'll find 2 different options for financing. By clicking on either

of the images, it will take you to their portal to apply. It is very important to note that these are 3rd party lenders, so dealer fees can be attached to Amazon Roofing in order to process your loan. These dealer fees can reach up to 25%, especially the 0% interest loans, which of course, are fees that we cannot absorb. So your contract price could be raised by as much as 30%. Customer feedback has informed us, that Acorn was the better option, in those regards, but going to their banks for loans was still their best option.

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Amazon Roofing accepts all major credit cards, via Square and PayPal.

Transactions paid via credit card, may be subject to an added fee of up to 3%. So if you plan to pay with credit card, confirm with us on any fees, prior to authorizing work.

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