Storm Damage

Manage Storm Damage
Tips for Getting Effective Repairs

Has Your Home Been Damaged in a Storm?

Storm damage can occur quickly and create a devastating, costly situation. Unfortunately, the extensive damage suffered throughout N.W. Ohio has resulted in some unpleasant encounters with contractors because homeowners didn't know where to turn or how to choose the right company.
Let these tips help you make a confident, stress-free decision for your storm damage repairs. When you are ready, call Amazon Roofing for a FREE estimate so you can consider our fully licensed and insured team for your project.

Call Your Insurance Company First

Your first call after you suffer storm damage should be your insurance company. This allows the company to send an adjuster to inspect the home so funds can be released. It also protects you from potential damages caused by unscrupulous roofing contractors who want to secure the job or increase the costs they charge.
If your area has suffered extensive storm damage, your insurance rates will likely be increased whether you file a claim or not so there is no reason to hesitate.
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Choose a Local Company

If you have suffered storm damage, be careful to avoid so-called storm chasers. These are companies that pay attention to where storms have hit and travel to affected regions to pick up work before moving on to the next place when that area is finished. Choosing one of these companies can have serious consequences. For one, if they offered a warranty, it becomes useless when the company leaves the area. These companies also tend to hire workers from the area, often choosing people that are not qualified for the work in order to save on costs.
The profits they make are then brought back to their communities rather than being spent in your area. Choosing a local company ensures you are getting the high-quality, qualified services you deserve and that the profits benefit your community.

Reputation Matters

When it comes to services as important as repairing storm damage to your home, you want to know you have chosen a service that has proven itself for providing quality, dependable services. The reputation of the company you choose should be one of the deciding factors, which means you should do research before making a final decision. Check with the BBB to find out about any complaints against them and get information that is more reliable than relying on internet reviews alone.

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