Why Hire a Contractor?

Why Hire a Contractor?
Make a Confident Decision

Are You Debating Choosing a Roofing Contractor?

Like most other services, when you need roofing services performed, you have options for which professionals to choose. When finances are tight, you may be tempted to go directly to a roofer rather than working with a reputable contractor.
While this may seem like the most economical option, it could have serious negative consequences. Understanding the importance of hiring a contractor can help you make a confident decision about services.

Be Sure You are Not Held Liable

If you hire an illegal roofer to perform your services, you have no protection against liability. This means if your home is further damaged, your neighbors' property is damaged, or a worker is injured or killed, you are fully responsible and will face all legal consequences. Insurance companies rarely cover damages that occur during a project performed illegally, and the local inspection department may stop the work.
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Be Covered

Even if an illegal roofer offers you a warranty, the chances of that person actually honoring it once payment has been made is minimal. 

These workers know you have no legal recourse against them, so it is doubtful they will actually return to make any repairs or changes after the work is complete. 

Supply manufacturers often cancel their warranties if they discover their products were installed by unlicensed workers.

Understand the Complicated Money Issues

  • Illegal roofers often quote your job and ask for a down payment. When that payment is made, the roofer disappears and you are out the money and still need the work performed.
  • Illegal roofers are generally well-versed in what professionals are charging for their roofing services. This means they will charge the same, if not more, and expect you will assume this is a better price than the bigger companies. They may also quote a low price and then add a variety of fees to boost the cost.
  • At any point your roofers can stop working and just leave, particularly if they feel you may not pay them. This leaves you vulnerable and at the mercy of professional contractors who may charge you an excessive amount to repair what has already been done and finish the job.
  • An unlicensed roofer may charge you less than a professional, but abandon your project, requiring you to pay for the work twice.
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