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Has Your Roof Been Damaged by a Storm?

Storm damage can occur quickly and create a costly, devastating situation. Residents of NW Ohio have endured unpleasant encounters, because they were not aware of what procedures to follow.

This section will offer some tips on what channels you should follow, if you have storm damage to your home.


This should be your first priority. This allows your insurance company to begin your claim and assign

you an adjuster. No insurance company will take the word of a contractor, that the work needs to be done. They need an adjuster to inspect the damage and then approve a claim.


If the damage in your area is severe enough, be aware of "Storm Chasers". These are companies that monitor where severe storms have hit, send salesmen to that area, grab up as much work as they can, then move to the next region that is damaged.

What makes these companies most concerning is:

  • They hire local roofers to save on travel and per diem for their workers, but put very little effort in screening these workers, to assure they are qualified.

  • Whatever warranty they offer will be worth very little, once they move several miles away.

  • Whatever profits they earn, will ultimately be spent in their local communities, not ours.  

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