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 Do you dread having salesmen come to your home?

Toledo Roofing Contractor - Licensed and Insured

Below, you'll see some tactics that is used by pushy salesmen:

  • Slander - Some salesmen elect to bad mouth their competition, in an effort to make you believe they are your only option.

  • Hidden Fees - This is when they give you a great price, but neglect to include work that they know you'll need. 

  • Squatting - This is when they are prepared to spend several hours at your home, in an attempt to wear you down and sign their contract. 

  • Price Matching - This method allows them to still secure your project, but at the highest price ceiling.


Roofing is a very competitive industry around Toledo, which can often make it difficult for the customer when trying to choose the right company.

Our goal is to eliminate this kind of stress and earn your business, rather than pressuring you to sign a contract you're not ready to sign. When we arrive at your home, we'll listen to your concerns and desired work. We then inspect around your home, gather the needed information and write our proposal. We then make our presentation, this takes around 15 minutes! Once we know we've addressed all of your questions and all is understood, we leave, to give you the needed time to look over our proposal and decide with no pressure.

BBB A+ Rated Roofer in Toledo OH
Toledo Roofing Companies with Integrity

Below, you'll find some tips, that may help you in selecting the right contractor:

  • Licensing - If your selected roofer works in Toledo and your home is in Toledo, they must be licensed in Toledo. Ask for their license # and then verify them with the city, it's not a difficult process.                         Amazon Roofing               HRC-16-00850                 

  • Legalities - Insurance and Workman's Comp are also a must, in any city. So be sure to ask for those verifications.

  • Credentials -  BBB, reviews, Mfr. certifications, etc. are all impressive and may help, but the 2 sections above are far more important.  

Toledo Roofing Companies that is A+ Rated

Why hire a contractor?

When finances are tight and someone needs work done on their home, they explore many options, which is great. 

The risks that may occur, far outweigh the money they think they are saving, when hiring an unlicensed contractor. Our section above covers the recommendation of hiring a licensed contractor, this section will cover why.  

Coverage and Protection - 

When spending the kind of money a roof costs, you need some level of assurance that you will get the money's worth of your investment. Here are some further examples of concerns:

  • Even if an illegal roofer offers you a warranty, it's very doubtful they'll return to honor their warranty, once the final check clears. Tracking them down for civil court is an always losing battle, even if your lawyer can find them, they simply don't even show up to court.

  • The shingle manufacturer will likely void your warranty if issues arise and they discover the installer was unlicensed.

  • Your city inspection dept. can flag your project, even after completion, if a permit was not drawn. This will result in you being brought to court, not the roofer.

Roofing Contractor in Toledo

Money - 

  • An illegal roofer can ask for money down, up to 50% and then disappear. This happens more often than one would think.

  • Illegal roofers are well versed in the industry and know the pricing index. They often quote projects for the same amount, or even more, than a licensed contractor.

  • If an illegal roofer gets suspicious that you may not pay the remaining balance, they will pack up and leave your project incomplete and vulnerable.

Roofing Companies in Toledo

Liability - 

  • When hiring an illegal roofer, you may be liable for many occurrences. Such as:

  • Injury or death, to any worker, or person on site.

  • Damage to your property and neighbors.

  • Code violations and lack of permitting, from your city building inspection dept. 

Toledo OH Roofing Company
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